Charles Macsherry has been actively pursuing an expression of life through art for nearly 50 years.

As a painter he has an unbridled energy for discovering a narrative between the ambient (atmosphere) and the iconic (subject or image).

Within his abstract works, his use of colors create an embryonic attachment. While compositions may refer to a stage, an interior or a landscape; these references typically are but a poetic underpainting for the object or edifice. His employment of texture with multiple layers of paint create a nest for the imagination to grow.

The abstract canvas is a perfect foil to expose the unexpected and spark a sense of curiosity and wonder. This has always been Charles' personal gravitation.

The Decorative art world found Charles over 35 years ago. A well known interior decorator, who happened to be part of the family, knew that Charles was an artist, she asked if he would be able to paint a table base to look like marble for one of her clients. The answer was an easy "yes, I can do that". Charles' drafting abilities were well honed and his skills and talent towards the representational, ever present.

It was not long before this decorator caught on to Charles' multiple talents aside from his passion for the abstract. She continued to ask him to create distinctive decorative painting projects for her clients homes. Soon he was called upon by other decorators and private clients to create highly customized projects for their homes and/or businesses. Charles' ability to compose a mural so that it may perfectly meld into each unique space, is something that cannot be taught.

This set Charles up for an unexpected, yet welcomed, career in the decorative art field! All the while, however, remaining devoted to his personal works.

Charles' many talents are a result of spending a career immersed, daily in the world of painting, drafting and the creative arts. His enthusiastic work ethic shows in every stroke of the brush and client meeting, weather it be to paint the representational or abstract, no path is excluded.

Charles' intent in working closely with his client's concerns and interests sets him apart and is unmatched. His clients know that no job request is too simple or too complex. His honest and fair execution of each project is always trusted and appreciated.

Whether it be something as basic and simplistic as making a table base look like marble to custom designing and creating from scratch (from a spark in the mind!) a full room wall mural, or working with a collector to choose one of his own, personal works, Charles has taken great pride in enhancing the interiors of so many homes.

The paint brush has been in hand, daily, for over 40 years. Thus establishing a long history as a prolific, experienced painter, creating unique and diverse works of art. 

* The abstract and representational are not so far removed:

The finely honed sensitivity to spacial composition and the subtle nuances of color that are taken for granted as obvious in a representational work, can also be revealed in his personal, abstract works. Imagination and emotion are distilled into paintings which evoke something different for everyone. It is what is so compelling about the abstract canvas! While a bit more challenging to consider, it is the question mark we all can relate to that inspires.

* Beyond the arts:

Charles is an avid tennis player and gardener, devoted husband and proud father of two sons. He lives and works in the countryside of Baltimore County, MD.

* Education:

The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, 1982

* Commissions / Collaborations:

All ideas for commissions and collaborations are welcome.

All consultations and preliminary design sketches are provided free of charge.

Please contact by phone, text or email.



Charles Macsherry 

3335 Black Rock Rd

Reisterstown, MD 21136